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Mountain of the Week

Giving one day to God

Mount Grinnell on Swiftcurrent Lake, Glacier National Park

With all of the busyness in life that demands our outer attention, isn't it a wonderful idea to make sure we gift one day a week back to God? Giving a day to worship and inner replenishment becomes ever more important as we grow and develop spiritually. This is the mountain of our week. It is our day to realign ourselves with God and come under Divine mantling in all ways.

Spiritually, humanity needs to bring their entire habitations of conscious being into a realization of God's Light. Their worship, objectives, affections, appetites and labors require the Light's constant blessing and strengthening.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Songs of Deliverance

Coming Under Divine Mantling

Simply by entering this site and reading these pages, you are demonstrating a desire and willingness for a greater understanding and connectedness with God. Each of us must continue to find selfless ways that deepen our experience with God's mysteries and give nutriment to our Souls on this mountain of our week. Attending a worship service or a spiritual study group as well as meditating in nature are other ways of getting us outside ourselves into the expanding consciousness and influence of God all around us and in us.

Emerging sunlight through the rain at Questhaven Retreat

A Day to Realize God's Light

Have you ever thought deeply upon what you can extract from a worship service here online or in a church and what it may mean to you? Flower regarded the church as an exceedingly holy place, deserving of our utmost love and respect. She called it the House of God and urged others to open to its splendor.

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