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Sea Nymphs and Naiads

Serving the Nature Realm of Water

A Glimpse of the Joyous Sea Nymph, © Jonathan Wiltshire


As the water sprites grow they evolve into sea nymphs, 18 to 24 inches high, with intelligence and capabilities comparable to the gnomes of the earth realm. With human-shaped feet, they are usually in a swimming position spending their lives riding the surface of currents of moving bodies of water.


Above the nymphs in evolution are the naiads growing up to three feet in stature. They tend to like bodies of fresh water and the specific locale in which they serve changes constantly.

Garden Deva, © Jonathan Wiltshire

They work with the purification of the stream, magnetic type of element. They attract darkness which has to be purified.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Mountain Pilgrimage (Idyllwild)

Naiads have the distinction of being the first water beings to serve with conscious volition. They are the first water beings to recognize that each river has a unique destiny and that waters are to be cleared. They realize that the will of the River King, an advanced being in charge of the flowing rivers, needs to be carried out in exact detail. These realizations reveal that naiads are the equivalent of the tree devas in the earth realm.