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Sea Lords

Serving the Nature Realm of Water

A Presence Upon the Sea, © Jonathan Wiltshire

Angels of the sea can best be seen at night. They possess shimmering auras which reminded Flower of a robe with light blue and apple green tones.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Dr. Stephen Isaac, Angels of Nature

Extraordinary Angels called Sea Lords rule each of the large bodies of water on earth. Each one oversees an infinite network of evolving servers, who work in their various regions to maintain the principles of evaporation, transpiration, and percolation upon which the watery body of our planet so vitally depends. Stories of these great Angelic Lords appear in Greek and Roman mythologies about Poseidon and Neptune.

The Pacific Ocean has a masculine such presence. He is peaceful, powerful, and wondrously influential. His name in the inner worlds is Pericos. He is as peaceful, powerful and as influential in His Kingdom as are those Lords who govern our human life wave. In humanity's books of mythology this Sea Lord was formerly called Oceanus, but His real name is Pericos.

The Atlantic Ocean possesses a Sea Lord of comparable attainment whose name is Ceranus. The Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, and all bodies of water known by distinctive names are watched over by such noble intelligences.

Pacific Ocean has an aura extending all the way to the Rocky Mountain division; and the Atlantic has an aura which touches the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountain chain. Countless young lives are employed in the expanding of this water aura on the etheric plane.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Kingdom of the Shining Ones

Countless multitudes of water beings and Angels serve the oceans of the world purifying and recharging the waters and working with beings of the air realm to maintain the principles of evaporation, transpiration and percolation upon which our planet depends.