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Water Sprites

Serving the Nature Realm of Water

Sierra Sprites, © Jonathan Wiltshire

When the oceanids' service is complete they evolve into water sprites about 8" high. These beings are still unaware of their individual purpose but they gleefully ride the waters following the direction of their superiors, the devas of the water world, as they travel toward the sea. As students studying science in school we learned that the process of water evaporation and condensation depends on temperature and atmospheric conditions. What was left out of those lessons was the behind the scenes work of the superphysical element seen by clairvoyants of a world of living entities providing energy and direction to the water.

When Flower was six-years old she made a startling discovery that would greatly impact her life. She was enjoying a ride on the Staten Island Ferry in New York Harbor with her mother and a six-year old friend. When Flower spotted dozens of tiny water sprites dancing across the water she cried out in delight and exclaimed to her friend, Oh, look at the beautiful fairies!

A painting by AE Russell showing Water Sprites riding the waters

Her companion, blind to such wonders, mistook this for a game of make-believe, gleefully responding with one fanciful invention after another. A look of puzzlement came over the first child's face. The water sprites still skimmed lightly over the waves but the things her friend described were nowhere to be seen. Then she looked into the other's eyes and was struck by a perplexing discovery: they were glancing about aimlessly—her friend was making up everything! And what really was there, bright and clear, frolicking about the sparkling white-caps, had passed unseen for the other girl.
bioDr. Stephen Isaac, Songs from the House of Pilgrimage

For the first time Flower was conscious of her natural clairvoyance and realized that others were not able to see the inner side of nature she had always seen. Puzzling over this shocking realization, Flower made the painful decision to no longer speak of inner realities to others. She would close the gate on these secret splendors. Seven years later, at the age of thirteen, an opportunity came that prompted her to begin to allow others into her secret world.