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Serving the Nature Realm of Water

An Angel of the Falls, Don Burson

Next in evolution in the water realm are the Nereids. They supervise subterranean bodies of water, large still lakes and waterfalls. Nereids work to cleanse the properties and lift all life-forms of these waters instilling peaceful and healing qualities.

Flower observed one such glorious water Angel while visiting Snoqualmie Falls in the state of Washington. He stood as tall as the height of the falls and sent forth emanations that consecrated the surrounding area. Flower noticed that as the younger water elementals passed through the resplendent aura of this advanced presence, they visibly gained a surcharge of renewal.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Dr. Stephen Isaac, Angels of Nature

Those Beings Who reach Angelhood in the water realms exhibit an attitude of inclusiveness leaving behind the excitability and instability of the younger water beings. Feminine water Angels often supervise underground caverns, quiet bodies of water such as ponds and lakes and more serene waterfalls. When the water is moving more rapidly as in major rivers and larger waterfalls, a masculine Nereid is often in charge. These water Angels expand the auras of the waters to the greatest possible distance they can extend it.

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