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Serving the Nature Realm of Water

An Oceanid in a drop of seawater

Nature beings evolving through this realm begin as tiny oceanids no larger than drops of water. Their work is to purify and energize units of water in their sphere of activity. As they evolve they learn to purify and recharge ocean water and to work with air devas to create a perpetual cycle that moves water from sea to land and back to sea. For the distinctive service of these water elementals Angels of the water realm lift these tiny ones into the atmosphere through rain and evaporation and deposit them where they are most needed. They will be drawn into springs, streams or rivers.

Large numbers of water beings become a part of underground rivers and lakes upon which earth's wells and reservoirs depend.They attend to the water tables, underground lakes and rivers and the source of our springs. In part, this is a sacrificial duty for them and they experience great joy when they leave the darkness and come to the surface of the earth and experience sunlight. Their work is instinctive and unconscious yet full of pleasure and purpose.

A painting by Ann Rothan entitled Awaiting Birth

In the water world, especially among the devas or Angels, every step upward, every initiatory experience, changes their face, and most always their appearance, so that they begin as an oceanid the size of a drop of water. They evolve to a comparable size of the sun, and all of their initiatory experiences are witnessed and given by Beings who are far higher than we know in our entire solar system, because in the Deva World, they know contact with wonderful planetary forces and with the Eons and Logi such as we know little about.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Mountain Pilgrimage (Idyllwild)