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Kings of the Waters and Tija

Serving the Nature Realm of Water

Keep an Open Mind, Ann Rothan

River and Ocean Kings

The River King is the most advanced being in charge of flowing bodies, such as rivers. The River King belongs to a group which evolves under the supervision of the Ocean King, and serves under His generalship. River and Ocean Kings have charge of transformingly powerful flowing and still bodies of water, as well as all of the life-forms that live in them. Their main emphasis is the power of water as an emotional rejuvenator.


At the head of the hierarchy in the water world is a lofty Tija, or Angel Prince, who makes decisions, along with higher Angelic Intelligences, about mingling of the water and wind to bring about needed climatic changes. Most of what a Tija does is beyond human understanding. Still, it is helpful to be aware of his existence and mindful of the ascending hierarchy of angelic orders which characterizes superphysical life in each of the realms of nature.

The name of this Tija, who is exalted above all others in the Water World, is Ceetka. Also it is well to know that there is a Host of lofty beings who are of the rank of Angel Prince and who are called by the general term, Tija.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Kingdom of the Shining Ones

An equal number is represented in this Host from each of the four kingdoms. However, the leader or King of this Host, whose officer changes through evolutionary advancements, has evolved from the Water World. In speaking of Him, we should simply refer to the great, or the governing, Kingly Tija.