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Trails at Questhaven

Entering the 655-acre Nature Cathedral

Every inch of Questhaven is consecrated to our Lord Christ and the journey of everyone to draw closer to God. We believe that every rock, tree and viewpoint are just as vital and important to one's ability to see and feel the closeness of God as in the church or any holy sanctuary. While our church may be the heart center for God, all 655 acres make up a great cathedral of natural oak trees, chaparral covered hills, and peaceful rocky outcroppings.

You are are invited to take a virtual trail at Questhaven or post your latest pictures or experiences on one of the many trails here or in your favorite places around the world.

The mountains are calling and I must go.
John Muir

Singing Springs Trail
Singing Springs Trail
Singing Springs trail begins at the right side of the Church of the Holy Quest. A short walk takes you through a shaded oak grove meditation area...
Alpha Trail
Alpha Trail
Alpha trail is one of three paths leading to Inspiration Point, which is one of the highest locations on Questhaven Retreat and the site of our...