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Flower and Lawrence Love Story

Dreams Do Come True

Flower and Lawrence Newhouse

Flower wrote this short story, which was never published, of her meeting and falling in love with Lawrence. While the names have been changed, the story is true to their experience.

Dreams Do Come True

By Mrs. Lawrence Newhouse, June 3, 1936

I wonder how many persons have had their daydreams happen? The way in which my own manifested still charms and uplifts me.

In my early girlhood I dreamed about the manly helpmate I would someday marry. I gave him all the details in character and physique I most admired in men. The sweetheart of my dreams was gentle, kind, affectionate and winning. In appearance he was tall, had black hair, and was handsome. From my fourteenth year on I scanned crowds, visitors and new acquaintances for my dream's fulfillment. At twenty the emptiness of the daydream mocked me, so I resolved to banish it from my mind.

Then, in my twenty-first year I became engaged to a wholesome, kindly, outdoor man fifteen years my senior. My family admired Rodney, for he was as noble in character as he was distinguished in appearance. Many infatuations had been inflamed and extinguished—prior to my meeting Rod.

Flower's first fiance, Bootz

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