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New Zealand Trip 2018

Spiritual insights gained through travel are among the most enriching experiences of this incarnation. Flower taught individuals to treasure learning each country's uniqueness. Using intuition combined with spiritual motivation and interest, we are to sense the temperament of a place.

One thus perceives its special auric color and the inner Intelligences that ensoul places, lakes and mountain ranges throughout the earth.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Travel With Inner Perceptiveness

One can learn from books the history, culture and mores of a people. The inner dimensions of hemispheres and their varied regions need inward scrutiny and exploration as well.

I learned early in our travels that although museums and art galleries are very educative, the influence which most benefits a nation is found in its countryside and citadels of nature. In them we discovered Intelligences, activities and energies. These filled us with awe and with great inspiration, challenge and transformation.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Travel With Inner Perceptiveness

Resources to Spiritual Travel

Those who traveled with Flower would be instructed to cultivate spiritual readiness and sensitivity and to practice having a spiritual regard and love for every member of our party. Every tour even today finds the group participants becoming not only friendly, but appreciative and helpful to one another. The bond of inner oneness of the travelers grows deeper day after day.

Individuals record their daily impressions in spiritual notebooks or nowadays through pictures on their phone. The theme of travel is always Holy Expectancy. With so many insights that come, groups meet on given evenings to share their impression.

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