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Historic Timeline

A look back at our milestones

Petroglyphs near Questhaven's boundaries indicate that Native Americans lived in this area and considered this a sacred site. Later, in the 1800s, early settlers built their home and planted two olive groves on Questhaven. This was followed by the purchase of the property by the Ingalese family (1919), who were in search of the philosopher's stone, alchemy, and prolonged life.

The History of Alchemy in America, Part 3

They wanted to open a spiritual retreat in that vein and call it Paracelsus. However, Mr. Richard Ingalese and his wife passed in 1934, which derailed those plans. Over a decade later a friend of the Ingalese family shared in a letter a bit of their vision for the property.

Ingalese Vision

Ingalese Would Be Glad for Questhaven

When the property changed hands out of the Ingalese estate, it wasn't long before Flower and Lawrence were able to discover and purchase it on July 8, 1940.

The Announcement of Finding Questhaven

Questhaven Windmill, 1940


1940, February 18: Flower and Lawrence discover Questhaven Retreat.

1940, July 8: The first 440 acres are purchased.

1940, August 4: The Dedication of Questhaven takes place to consecrate these to Christ forever.

The Prayer of Dedication for Questhaven

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