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Here are several presentations that we recommend to watch at this time of year. Enjoy!


Angel Companions with Rachel

Presented September 23, 2016 by Questhaven Ensemble
Participants: Blake Isaac, Merrily Boult, Diane Huberts, Linda Wood, Miara Wiltshire, Madeline Phu

Michaelmas Retreat drama illustrating an individual facing the realization of breast cancer and working with the Angels to meet that challenge. This scene features the help of several Angels: Kindel, Guardian, Awakener, Prayer and Healing.


The Three Marys

Presented April 5, 2015 by Questhaven Temple Dancers
Participants: Linda Wood, Janet McGurk, and Miara Wiltshire

Representing the three Mary's who went to the tomb to see Jesus following the crucifiction, this dance brought the mystery and triumph of that Easter morning experience. From sadness to great joy, the music (In the Beginning by Hans Zimmer) and movement capture the rising of Christ's victory.


Easter’s Coronation

Presented April 3, 2015 by Reverend Flower A. Newhouse
Participants: Questhaven Ensemble, including Dan Willis, Diane Huberts, Danielle Isaac, Felice Reynolds, Dennis Fisher, Sarah Graybeal, Miara Wiltshire

This play was performed on Good Friday and was written by Flower A. Newhouse. It was written to share how the Angels view and celebrate Easter inwardly. Through out the play they share memories and insights from the original Easter morning. Director Blake Isaac revamped the play from its original presentation to set it to music and voice recordings to make it a movement drama.


Be Born in Me

Presented December 21, 2012 by Questhaven Ensemble
Participants: Sarah Graybeal

Christmas Retreat Born in me dance.


Impressions by Those Who Knew Him: The Disciple Peter

Presented April 22, 2011 by Questhaven Ensemble
Participant: Blake Isaac

Easter Retreat presentation portraying impressions by those who knew Christ. This vignette portrays the Disciple Peter.


We Are All One in God

Presented June 22, 2007 by Questhaven Ensemble

The vision for this Vernal presentation started with a dream by Reverend Hal Lingerman. The Iraq conflict with the U.S. had been taking place now for several years. The thought was given how we would see each other on the other side of life from heaven. This presentation offers us an insight into two soldiers killing each other and then moving through the inner pools in heaven only to confront one another again in their higher bodies.