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Corinne Heline, 1882-1975

Christian Mystic, Lecturer, Spiritual Teacher, Author, Rosicrucian

Corinne Heline

Born in Atlanta, Georgia into the prominent Duke family in the aristocracy of the Old South on August 13. 1882, Corinne Heline became a lifelong student of the ancient mysteries at a very young age. As a small child she attended a Methodist Church, but she was drawn to a Catholic Church across the street where she spent many hours visiting and admiring the beautiful statue of Mary, Mother of Jesus. While she had teachers on the physical plane, she received her greatest inspirations from those she called Inner Plane Immortals who overshadowed all her writings. Closest to her of all these great Beings was the Madonna Mary, Who she called the Light of her life.

Heline received a classical and religious education. She recognized her life's mission very early and as a child of four would put her head on her mother's open Bible for long periods exclaiming, There is something wonderful in this Holy Book and one day I will know what it is. As a teen-ager she discovered occult literature in the library of a neighbor who was a Theosophist and she devoted many hours to studying these esoteric books, borrowing one each time she visited. Learning about the concept of reincarnation answered many of her questions.The neighbor's gift to her of Max Heindel's book Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception was said to change her whole life.

Her mother died when Corinne was sixteen and she mourned the loss of her mother deeply until one night her mother came to Corrine to tell her of her happiness in the Higher Worlds. She asked Corinne to stop sorrowing and to bring some joy to her father. She also told her of an old trunk where Christmas money was hidden. With that money, Corinne bought a new Bible she used in her most well known writing The New Age Bible Interpretation in seven volumes.

Corinne and Theodore Heline

After her mother died Corinne moved to California where she met her teacher, Max Heindel, a Rosicrucian, at Mount Ecclesia in Oceanside, California. She was under his tutelage for five years and then became a lecturer, teacher and author. She felt an inner commission to interpret the Bible in the light of esoteric tradition, and, before he passed in 1916, Max Heindel asked her to do this. She had a vision of being present at the Last Supper and saw two celebrations—one for Jesus and His Disciples in one room and in another room a celebration headed by Mary who was giving assignments to people who were to carry the work forward. When she told Corinne she was to write an interpretation of the Bible Corinne said Why me? I'm inadequate. She said that Mary came to her, kissed her cheek, and said I will help you. At Mount Ecclesia she also met Theodore Heline, who came to be editor of the esoteric magazine Rays of the Red Cross. A Shakespearean actor who had the ability to write about the allegorical meaning behind Shakespearean plays, Theodore Heline started the New Age Press, a publishing house. Theodore and Corinne married in 1938 when Corinne was fifty-six. Like Corinne, Theodore Heline was said to be prepared by previous lives with the qualities required for the challenging work that lay ahead. He was another New Age pioneer who undertook publication of the inspired writing that flowed so rapidly from Corinne. He set aside his talents to make Corinne's life work available to the world. After Corinne's father died, the couple built a hilltop home in California that they named Madonna Crest, a beautiful sanctuary of peace and tranquility where Corinne did much of her writing. In addition to The New Age Bible Interpretation, other works by Heline opened the way to vast new fields of investigation for the Aquarian Age.They were said to be texts for understanding the plan of evolution and initiation for the Piscean and Aquarian ages, as told about in the Bible.

Flower speaking of Corinne Heline and her work

Corinne was exquisitely tuned into nature and heard the music of nature, of growing grass. She said: The closer our communion with the Angels, the deeper will be our understanding of the mysteries of the plant kingdom and our realization of the spiritual ministry of the flowers. Each flower is given its own special work to perform. Each plant bears a message to the human family. Thus, flowers are literally a medium of contact between the Angels and those who live upon the earth.

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