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Stilling every atom of our being

When all of nature is hushed before God, Unsplash

In the practice of the spiritual life it is vitally important to know the distinctions between silence, meditation, prayer, and contemplation. Many Christians use one term as though it was synonymous with the others. Silence is entirely different from the other states of meditation and prayer. It is an important art that has its own purpose, great value, and beauty when we see it and use it in the right way. When we understand what silence is and how to exercise it by standing within it, we will be enabled to pray more richly and to use our minds far more intelligently for the boundless opportunities of meditation.

Silence is a term for entering the inner world where we are at home and at peace. It simply means entering the Divine threshold where God is.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Christian Mysticism: Collected Works of Flower A. Newhouse (Vol. 1)

We find God shining through in peace, love, and beauty in everything He made in this dimension and it is amplified many times when we lift our hearts to Him on our own threshold of entrance into the Divine Kingdom. This should be the first thing we do before prayer, meditation, or any exercise of worship—pausing before the threshold of God in silence. To become citizens of the Eternal in these outer bodies we must have love and loyalty for the realities of Deity. In consciousness we can enter the frontiers of the superphysical, and from that level draw our strength and our certainties.

Stillness Treatment

Flower A. Newhouse in Idyllwild, California before a retreat on nature around 1950. She is standing by a call to reverent silence. This sign stood outside the original and new chapels at Questhaven for over 40 years.

This meditation works to center all of our vehicles with God. Many of us practice silence by quieting our voices. Stillness requires that every atom become silent and attentive. It is as if each atom is turned upward in Holy expectancy—merging with God's Light. It was originally given as a preparation for Christmas.

Entering Stillness Meditation

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