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The Seven Rays of Life

Embracing Our Diversity

Seven Pointed Star

We are all of us fellow passengers on the same planet, and we are all of us equally responsible for the happiness and well-being of this world we live in.
Hendrik Van Loon

Understanding the myriad forms of human relationships about us not only enriches our spiritual journey but also equips us with helpful knowledge to work with it. Anything that sheds light into our own human nature and tendencies can bring added insight into our lives to help us meet and interact more constructively with the world around us.

Pressed Out of an Unmanifested Part of God

Seven Rays Pressed Out from God

In the beginning the Infinite Will of God chose to separate humanity's evolutionary journey into seven primary paths of experience. Like colors being added to the canvas of each life's portrait, they reveal in us the overtones and harmonies, the traits of interest and the qualities of nature which characterize our unfolding return to God. After we grasp this plan we are able to perceive unity emerging through diversity: then can we also appreciate that needful purpose which underlies all differences in human temperaments and in the religions, goals and other aspects of outward life.

Seven rays pressed out from God

In our spiritual studies, we find that in the beginning God pressed out of that aspect of Themself which was unmanifested, pristine spirits who required awakening. These God-spirits, under Divine influence, projected (each one from our Creators self) a special radiation of energy which was enabled to create bodies in those various dimensions into which these virgin beings were led to enter. The Spirit of God in humanity formed an Adonai which became humanity's individuality. This individuality experienced a wonderful event. It came under the government of the great seven rays of life. These septenary beams direct and develop whatever life seeds are brought within their territory of influence. Man is guided by the powerful forces at work within these rays from the Adonai to his physical body.

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