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The Sacredness of a Memorial Service

A Celebration of Life

Canyon Sunrise

Death is not extinguishing the Light, it is putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.
Rabindranath Tagore

When a life on earth comes to an end, it is commemorated with a service that honors that incarnation and the knowing that true life is eternal. When death is looked at spiritually in this way, we begin to see it as graduation back home to God's world of Light. This is a high moment for any soul. Because life is unquenchable, and at death only the physical form dies, the inner spirit of a person is alive, well and active on a higher plane of being. Instead of speaking of these final rites as funerals, let us think and speak of them as memorial services—a time to celebrate the life of a person we knew, and life ongoing. In doing that, we will remember with unselfishness our loved one's joy in recovered health, strength and purposefulness.

Instead of dwelling on the loss for the departed loved one, we should bring to this service the confidence we have in eternal life, in reunion, and everlasting companionship with those we love. We realize as a person drops the physical encasement of their True Self, they become free to the greater experience of God. This service is a time to speak lovingly and cheerfully of the individual who has been called home. The service should not be abstract. It should be about the one loved and about what they enjoyed and did. A brief biography of the released is fitting and helpful to those who have gathered. But throughout all remarks the current of realization that they live should be expressed.

Think not about the past, but about the living glory of the present in which your beloved is moving and growing in health and fullness to new rhythms and powers beyond your vision, but near enough that thoughts may span your separation and reunite your spirits.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Here Are Your Answers (Vol. 1)

Inner Side of a Memorial Service

Memory Photos

A memorial service is truly a commencement service, since it is the soul's releasement back to its ancestral homeland where consciousness expands into ever greater service and unfoldment. We are comforted that not only is life continuous, but that we will be able to be with our loved ones once again.

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