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Wedding Ceremonies

The Sacrament of Marriage

Wedding Ceremony, 2014

Marriage is really intended to be a union, not only of bodies, but also of spirits. When this oneness is realized the wedded pair are one in heart, mind and spirit.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, The Mystic Tie of Marriage

The Angels Present During a Wedding Ceremony

When two persons marry it should be with the desire and will to create a marriage relationship that shall be deepened and enriched through all the shared, eventful days of their life together. The first ecstatic romantic period will be succeeded by a more natural and mature state of being friends in love. This state shall be followed in time by the glorious recognition of soulic unity and of undying and unchanging spiritual love.

It is this third and highest stage of wedded love which gives our world its glimpses into ideal marriage. Such depth of affection contains unselfishness, loyalty, valor, and beauty of heroic proportions. This kind of biune love enables the world to see how partners who have attained the ultimate in spiritual oneness regard and treat each other.

Only love of the purest, truest and highest kind will make wedded life a sacrament of honor.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, The Mystic Tie of Marriage

The couple must be prepared to endure changes, hardships and even losses together. They must be willing to work, plan and share spiritually together. One of the greatest secrets to marriage is actually a very simple one—always be kind to one another. It is through this thoughtfulness and tenderness that they move beyond irritations and negativeness.

Where there is spirituality, lovers will draw their courage, endurance and strength from its reservoir.
bioFlower A Newhouse, Marriage's Purpose and Opportunity

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