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The Meaning of the Holy Sacraments

The Importance of Symbolic Ceremony


Observed clairvoyantly the Holy Sacraments are intensely interesting, giving those with inner sight an impression of the great force that is present. As the officiant speaks, fiery plumes are seen issuing from the celebrant's aura, or from the Angel of the Christ Presence that overshadows the assembly. Certain movements, such as making the sign of the cross, create vivid, glistening thought forms of that image that emanate light and energy into the consciousness of the gathered group. These inner impressions give a hint of the inner assistance we receive when we participate wholeheartedly in these celebrations.

Almost every follower of the Christ admits to a need for some symbolic ceremony. Besides our daily meditations and steady attendance at lectures and services, a continued observance of significant sacraments furnishes us with sufficient incentive to achieve our highest in this life. Fourth and fifth century Christians had at least six prayer periods a day. Monks had many more pauses for worship, even awakening during the night for communions with God. In the Philippines in the twentieth century, missionary Frank Laubach spent fifteen minutes of every hour in remembrance of God.

Our need of the Divine Presence is as keen as those of a priest or missionary. In our century we each find it necessary to give great effort to material existence. We should also find time for sincere and faithful observance of the major sacraments. As we attend to these sacraments with spiritual desire and anticipation, we will discover that to those who draw closer to God, He draws wonderfully nearer to them.