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Home Blessings

Bringing God's Light to Our Dwelling Place

Maria, sister of Lazarus, meets Jesus who is going to their house, Nikolay Ge

The blessing of a home is a ceremony before Christ, saying, Divine Light is wanted here. To have our full beings centered in God, we mustn't forget to have the spaces and places where we most dwell blessed in His name.
bioReverend Blake Isaac

The custom of blessing a home is said to have originated with Jesus, who said on His first visit to the home of a friend, "Peace be unto this house." He taught His disciples the inner meaning of this blessing that has two main benefits. It causes power to descend to the home from the Causal Level, radiating a charge of renewal to help each of the home's occupants. It also attracts an Angel to the dwelling who becomes known as the Angel of the Home. This Being ensouls, protects and harmonizes the home and grounds.

The Importance of God's Blessing

Our dwelling places can be shrines of active worship when we make God the literal Head of our homes. Cherishing our homes and welcoming and receiving God Light helps us to subordinate our personalities and wishes to His Presence. When all that we do in our home is done in conscious awareness of God's listening, we are inviting and welcoming inflowing currents of high spiritual energies. By giving over our homes to the Silent Watcher and asking Holy and Intelligent Visitants to bless our homes with Their gifts of guidance and nearness, we invite creative streams of energy to direct our work and our thoughts.

Ideally we should give our homes a name, enabling them to radiate specific keynotes or qualities. Placing a ring-pass-not of the white Light of the Christ Spirit around our homes every day can help spiritualize, refine, beautify and safefold our dwelling places. Those who are able to understand the power of thoughts and who realize how to pray effectively are able to create a permanent archetype that can influence a home. You will find a sacramental ceremony for blessing a home below.

Angel Blessing

How can we express the true Christ Spirit in our own home?
We need to allow the Christ teachings to influence us, not only during meditation periods and on Sundays, but also in all of the phases of our living. While we are in our homes, the Christ Spirit must find us open channels allowing It to flow through, establishing harmony, peace, and spiritual radiance throughout the place. Every home should have an altar of its own with a picture of Christ and symbolical objects, such as stars or figures upon it. Grace should always be spoken at meals; and there should be family prayer periods. Oral prayer is so beneficial. One strong impression of my childhood is of my grandparents' prayers every morning on their knees. It was our custom then to pray for the chickens, dogs and cats, and everything on the farm. We must get the spirit and the thought of praying for everything good.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Here Are Your Answers (Vol. 1)

What about homes that are not God-centered?
The harmony and wholesomeness of family togetherness largely depends upon whether or not the home is God-centered. Where Divinity is not included and welcomed in homes, tensions and frustrations are prone to appear. Individuals who are indifferent to Ever-present Holiness invariably develop strained and self-centered existences. The homes of such persons frequently contain an atmosphere of worldliness and selfishness. Rooms, apartments and houses that are not imbued with reverence for That Presence which is above humanity, lack inner radiance, cheerfulness, and serenity.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Spiritualizing Our Homes

How do I clear dark energy from my home?

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