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A Welcoming Ceremony of a Newly Arrived Soul

Phyllis Isaac and Kaellyn Miller

I have seen the bright light from the Angel of the Christ Presence that overshadows the figure of the Christ send forth at the naming of the baby this glorious white light that invigorated all the bodies of the baby.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Understanding the Value of the Sacraments

The Inner Side of a Christening Service

The christening sacrament is a time of welcoming the newly arrived souls on earth. Holy water blesses the infants' foreheads as the minister bestows on them the name to be used in this incarnation. The most important part of this service is the giving of a permanent thought form by the Angelic hosts gathered in the name of the Living Christ. This would include the Guardian Angel, the Angel of the Christ Presence and any other Presences that were gathered in the church. If that child were coming in already on the path of discipleship, the great Master teacher that was sponsoring this child from the inner side might also be present. All of this can be seen by an officiant, a celebrant, who is inwardly conscious.

Christening Booties

It is recommended that the parents choose two Godparents to sponsor their child. Like the watching over we receive from the Holy Angels and Masters inwardly, these two look out for this little one on the physical plane. These two are to be spiritual mentors and guides, encouraging this soul to fulfill its highest purpose. Through prayer and love, they watch over this child as he grows and develops in life.

When they promise to take on the obligation of sponsoring these souls in addition to the parents' care of the baby, there is a line of light going out to each godparent and that godparent is affiliated with this glorious beautiful cloud of overshadowing that the Angel of the Christ Presence has precipitated.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, The Meaning and Value of the Sacraments

When we delve deeper into the mystical side of christening, we find there are meanings within meanings, each one higher than the one before. Christening aligns the higher inner bodies of the baby more closely and compactly with the physical form, bringing strengthening and cleansing. United prayers of those gathered summon the participation and quickening of the Divine Hosts.

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