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Group Retreats

Welcome to All Faiths

Friendship House

Questhaven welcomes non-commercial spiritual group retreats of all faiths to these sacred grounds to find their way to God.

If the spiritual intention of your retreat could benefit from this peaceful setting and facilities, we would love to accommodate you and make your stay a light-filled experience for all.

Questhaven's 655 acres, with over 5 miles of hiking trails, provide opportunities for groups to explore and connect with nature as a group focus and as individual pilgrimages. Hilltop vistas offer sunset views of the Pacific Ocean or capture the first rays of the sun as it rises in the morning sky.

Our sleeping accommodations can comfortably support groups with up to 20 participants. Our largest meeting facility, Friendship House, will accommodate groups of up to 35 participants arranged in a circle or 80 in a lecture style arrangement.

If you would like to discuss holding a group retreat at Questhaven please contact our office.

I have taught a number of Vipassana meditation retreats at Questhaven. The grounds are beautiful with nature everywhere. The staff is so friendly and supportive! Our retreats are in noble silence and everyone at Questhaven fully supports this practice. During retreats, we are made to feel like we are "one of the family." The yogis that attend my retreats echo my words here. In the evaluation forms that our yogis fill out at the end of each retreat, I haven't seen a single negative comment about the facilities or the staff. Instead, deep gratitude is expressed for the support we receive on our spiritual journeys. I couldn't be more enthusiastic in highly recommending Questhaven to others.
Bob Isaacson