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Personal Retreats

Experience Peace, Healing, Renewal and Communion

Church Oak Grove

Personal Retreats are encouraged for anyone seeking peace, healing, renewal, and a deeper communion with God.

Questhaven offers a beautiful, peaceful setting and an atmosphere of devotion that lifts retreatants into the Presence of the Eternal.

Retreats serve as a nucleus for the gathering together of souls throughout the planet that need awakenment, healing, quickening, enlightenment, and training for service to mankind.
bioFlower A. Newhouse

We may each choose how to spend our precious time in a personal retreat. Regular meditation and prayer periods, studying deeper teachings, listening to God in nature while walking the trails or labyrinth, and quiet self-reflection as we turn within to inner instruction may each bring us closer to the Divine. Consultation with a Questhaven minister may open new avenues of exploration or add insights into personal challenges. Come prepared to discover how to create a personal retreat that will serve you in the highest way.

The Mystical Gifts of Personal Retreats
Talk by Reverend Lucy Wold, 21 April 2013

The Mystical Gifts of Personal Retreats

Questhaven holds a very special place in my heart. After years of staying at numerous retreat centers and monasteries around San Diego and Santa Barbara I have never sensed the depth of sheer peace and solitude I always experience at Questhaven! My retreats there never fail to leave me rejuvenated and renewed in spirit, and closer to my Father's Heart.