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Guest Facilities

Accommodations and Places of Worship and Fellowship

Private cottages, a residence hall, meeting spaces, church, lending library, labyrinth and nature trails are available year-round for group and individual retreatants desiring the benefits of a spiritual pilgrimage. Guests should come prepared to pursue their own retreat program of up to two weeks. Guests bring their own food and do their own cooking and housekeeping. Linens and towels are furnished.

Questhaven is a peaceful sanctuary for spiritual connection, maintained by the respect of all our guests through their quiet movement throughout the grounds. We maintain a smoke and alcohol free environment and encourage visitors to also be respectful of our abundant flora and fauna.

If you would like to make reservations to stay at Questhaven please contact our office.

How I thank God for this gentle, quiet place—an enchanted God-bathed forest if ever there was one! Thank you, dear Questhaven friends, for your Christ-like hospitality for thirsty pilgrims like me. I leave here truly rested and refreshed to face the new day.

Welcome Center & Gift Shop

Questhaven Office

Upon arriving, please stop and check in at our Office and Welcome Center. Along with getting your brochures and maps of the grounds, one will find an extensive spiritual lending library and recorded lectures for your spiritual study.

Our small Gift Shop contains lots of Christian mysticism books and literature to explore as well as artwork depicting our Lord Christ, Angels, and the Inner Worlds. In addition, it is a good place to find greeting cards, jewelry, precious rocks and gemstones to add to your collections.

We look forward to welcoming you to our spiritual oasis of peace. May it open a veil between you and God for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Come with holy expectancy.
bioReverend Blake Isaac, Director


El Deseo Cottage

Our cottages, each with a complete kitchen, bedroom and bath, provide visitors with a comfortable place from which to venture out onto trails of new inspiration.

El Deseo is a beautiful studio cottage with one twin bed and one double bed. It was originally designed by our cofounder Flower A. Newhouse as it was the first guest cottage and office for the ministry in the 1950s. It has since been remodeled but still holds the quaintness for which it was designed. Its name in Spanish means wish or desire.

Casa De Luz is a cozy one-bedroom cottage meaning the House of Light. This building was originally built to house a generator bringing the first light to Questhaven. It now provides a beautiful and peaceful space amongst the trees.

Cottage Photos

Casa de Angeles

Casa de Angeles Retreat House

Our largest guest facility, Casa de Angeles (the Retreat House), provides ten single and two double-occupancy rooms with private baths, and a communal kitchen area for cooking and dining. Each room also has a desk and meditation chair.

Think of this as a spiritual dormitory where one comes in simplicity to seek God.
TCM Staff

Each room has been remodeled with a different color vibration that makes each one unique. It is aptly named the House of Angels.

Retreat House Photos

Friendship House

Friendship House

For fellowship, meditation, and group meetings of any kind, the newly remodeled Friendship House provides a large gathering space. It is often used as a spiritual teaching and sharing space, but also has a full-service kitchen with double ovens and a microwave that makes it a nice mealtime option. This facility holds up to 80 people comfortably.

We see the House of Friendship as a large airy room, beautifully furnished, where people can go after Sunday services to visit with one another or to relax and read in a comfortable, quiet atmosphere. It also is a place where groups can meet for times of spiritual sharing and for times of creative planning. It is surrounded by many places for quiet conversation, relaxing or meditating in the out-of-doors.
bioFlower A. Newhouse

Just outside Friendship House is a spacious patio and shade structure that can be used for outdoor activities or additional meeting space.

Friendship House Interior

Friendship House Tour (Interior)

Click on the panoramic image to take a virtual tour of the interior of Friendship House. The interior is decorated with contemporary furnishings and artwork, featuring an extensive gallery of paintings that portray the Living Christ and inner world realities.


Friendship House Outdoor Patio

Friendship House Tour (Outdoor Patio)

This tour highlights the outside patio and shade structure along with tables and benches that provide lots of different activities. It also shows the many places in nature that surround this space, including a view of Inspiration Point.

The Academy

The Academy

The Academy offers a large meeting space for small groups with beautiful views in all directions. The building is surrounded by gardens with pathways that meander to meditation benches, the labyrinth and even the chaparral observation deck. The Academy also offers an extensive metaphysical research library.

The Christward Ministry conducts ongoing classes and workshops at the new Academy Training Center, offering many opportunities to learn more about the way of Christian mysticism, discipleship, finding God in nature, healing, meditation, prayer, and the arts.
TCM Staff

The Christward Ministry reserves full access to this building, so it can only be used with special permission.

The Academy building is located on a hillside where our Founders bult their home in the 1950s.
TCM Staff


Academy Front

Academy Tour (Front)

Click on the panoramic image to take a virtual tour of the Academy, located on the site of the home that Flower and Lawrence built in the 1950s. After the 1996 fire burned down this home, it was rebuilt in 1998 as the Academy Building. This now serves as a wonderful meeting space and metaphysical reference library.


Academy Back

Academy Tour (Back)

This tour highlights the back of the Academy, featuring a beautiful Mother Mary statue and views that look all the way through Rancho Santa Fe into San Diego. The left hillside looking south was what Flower called Mystic Mountain. Once it was a Deva playground, but the hilltop has now been developed with luxury homes.


Academy Pagoda

Academy Tour (Pagoda)

Located outside the Academy building, near the Labyrinth, is the Pagoda. This tour highlights the mosaic artwork at the base of the structure as well as its views.

Founders Museum

Founders Museum adjacent to Chapelito

We are converting the old print shop, which supported the ministry in the early days, to a Founders Museum. The museum is intended for visitors to learn about the history of Questhaven and find their place within it today.

This is the place where Lawrence G. Newhouse published the early books of The Christward Ministry. Gordon Bleth, who was his apprentice, carried on that work after Lawrence's passing.
TCM Staff

Rare photographs, equipment, scrapbooks and archived documents will be on display for one to peruse. This will be a place for someone to come and have a cup of tea while they discover God's handiwork in the founding of Questhaven.

Museum Construction Photos