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Paneurhythmy Circle

To Unite Heaven and Earth

Paneurhythmy Dance

Paneurhythmy is a system of meditative movements set to sacred music that was brought to the world by the Bulgarian Christian Mystic, Master Peter Deunov, between the years of 1932 and 1942. He teaches that this sacred dance of life unites heaven and earth through a series of twenty-eight easily learned movements in rhythmic circular walking dance. This sacred dance applies the principles of love, wisdom and truth and is a method of balancing the physical, mental and spiritual forces within us.

We are here in life for but one reason—to learn to climb through ascensions of consciousness into the true Selfhood which is within us—the Selfhood which belongs to the Eternal, the Selfhood which is our real nativity, our home in God's Spirit.
bioFlower A. Newhouse

Paneurhythmy is held seasonally at Questhaven on Sunday mornings at 8:00 a.m. Our Paneurhythmy Circle is located adjacent to the Labyrinth. View our calendar for a current schedule. (no gatherings on rainy or wet mornings).

Paneurhythmy Class

Here at Questhaven, we are so deeply grateful to have discovered Paneurhythmy and have danced it regularly since the summer of 2012. We find that it blends so beautifully with the sacred Christward Path and Teachings of the Reverend Flower A. Newhouse.

Reverend Miara Willis shares her experience of drawing closer to the Inner Realms, the Angels, and Christ when she dances the Paneurhythmy at Questhaven. Expressing gratitude with the words: O kindly, luminous Beings, guardians of this place, thank you for your hospitality and may God bless you.

Moving with the Angels
bioReverend Miara Willis
Music: The Rising Sun by Beinsa Douno, This Emotional by Sersal Studio; Art: Lord of the Flame by Mildred Compton; Angel Attendee of Earth's Chakra by Don Burson, Angels of Music by Don Burson, Christ by Arthur Learned

Paneurhythmy awakens the Divine nature in human beings.
Beinsa Douno

Our lives continue to be blessed as we participate in this beautiful circle. It also is a time for us to awaken to the Angelic Realm all around us and to those Lofty Ones who work with the Solar Logos and our Lord Christ to usher in the fires of illumination.

Angel of the Morning

Angels of the Morning are the creators of one of the earth's most magnificent displays, the sunrise. No two sunrises are exactly the same, and for those of us who make the effort to experience it, each sunrise is a magical moment in which all of nature awaits with hushed expectancy. The Angels of the Morning are resplendent artisans who fashion an infinite sequence of sunrises to celebrate the eternal and inexhaustible wonders of God's handiwork. They add to the beauty of these moments tones of celestial music along with gentle healing currents which they are uniquely capable of transmitting. Morning Angels always precede the sun's rays over the earth's horizon, and their effect on all of humanity and, for that matter, all of life is one of quickening our love and sense of thanksgiving.

Fire is fascinating because it is the source of light, and light is what connects us with God. Fire is at once the flame of aspiration, the burning of holy enthusiasm, the warmth of spiritual ardor, and the sunburst of illumination. Of the four elements, fire stirs us most deeply and holds the most promise for opening the gates of inner perception. For the most part, the Angelic Hosts of the fire realm have little to do with humankind until individuals have experienced illumination itself—that transforming moment when their eyes are opened to the kingdom of God within, and they set forth on the great quest for enlightenment. Such an experience often begins as an inner fire, and once ignited, it burns as a celestial desire to fathom life's meaning and purpose. It is an awakening common to all spiritual paths. Yet, at the same time, in the short history of human evolution, it remains an uncommon occurrence, making its recipients exceptional.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Angels of Nature

With the fires of illumination stirred, we begin to awaken to all that is Real within us as we now go forth to live in greater alignment with God this day.

The extent to which you perform the paneurhythmy with consciousness and concentration will determine the level of the results you achieve. This contributes to the germination and growth of the precious gifts which are deposited in the soul of each person.
Beinsa Douno

Paneurhythmy Order at Questhaven

(First 28 Movements)

Paneurhythmy Circle

Opening Blessing

O Kindly Luminous Beings, Guardians of this place, be hospitable with us and may God bless you.

Opening Prayer

May we have a heart as pure as a crystal,
a mind as bright as the sun,
a soul as vast as the Universe and
a spirit as powerful as God and
one with God.

The First Day of Spring

Video: Exercises 1-10

  • Awakening
  • Harmonizing
  • Giving
  • Ascending / Climbing
  • Elevating / Soaring
  • Opening
  • Liberating
  • Clapping
  • Purifying
  • Flying

Enlivening our Energy Centers

  • Evera
  • Jumping
  • Weaving
  • Think! / Missli!
  • Aoum
  • The Rising Sun

Spiritualizing the Five Elements

  • The Square
  • Beauty
  • Flowing
  • Overcoming/Conquering
  • Joy of the Earth

Working in Partnership

  • Friendship
  • Beautiful Day
  • How Happy We Are!
  • Step-By-Step
  • Bright and Early
  • Singing and Breathing
  • The Blessing

Closing Blessing

May Divine Peace abide
and may Divine Joy
and Divine Gladness
rise up in our hearts forever.

(receiving the Light of the Solar Logos as expressed through our Lord Christ - silently bless all in the group and those invisibly with us)

O Kindly Luminous Beings, Guardians of this place, thank you for your hospitality and may God bless you.

Closing Prayer

May we walk now in the Light
Awakening to our Soul self
Living where the sunlight
of the Christ continually abides.

On special occasions it is good to greet each other with raised right hand saying: There isn't love like God's Love

Response: Only God's Love is Love

For a week following Paneurhythmy, I kept hearing in my mind the music from one of the paired movements called "Friendship" or "Acquaintance." When I had some challenges and my thoughts went to God for help, this wonderful tune and experience started playing in my mind and lifted me in the moment. It happened often and at various times throughout the week! What a wonderfully Divine gift Paneurhythmy at Questhaven is.
Paul Scott

Morning Prayer of the Disciple

by Beinsa Douno

Beinsa Douno

Lord God,

My soul quivers with joy before the Light of the new day, which illuminates me.

I thank You for having woken me at this early hour when You are glorified by the wise, the birds and the pure flowers.

I thank You for making me a gift of another day of life, and for calling me to pursue my work on Earth healthy and restored.

I thank You for giving me the chance to accomplish Your Good Will, to manifest it with Love and Wisdom, serving also my brothers and sisters.

I ask You to grant me the Presence of Your Tender Spirit, that I may listen to Your guidance like a devoted child and that my soul may not stray from Your Law.

Give me strength, vigilance and love to live for my entire elevation and that of all humanity and all creatures and for coming of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

May the Eternal Sun of Your Love illuminate with its light my soul and those of all my brothers and sisters on the face of the Earth.