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The Quest Lessons

The Quest For Spiritual Awareness

The Quest

In response to The Christward Ministry's many requests from serious students who wish to apply deeper Christian principles to their everyday living, this study course entitled The Quest is being republished online.

Six volumes were originally published with 12 lessons in each volume. Many of these lessons were also given as lectures during this time. It is intended that each lesson occupy a month's study. This series of lessons is designed to give its readers a twofold experience:

  1. To reveal more about the step by step ways to apply the Christ teachings, thus leading to success in the quest for spiritual awareness.
  2. To furnish students with a course of spiritual instruction that combines the metaphysical mystical, and esoteric levels of Christian truth, giving depth and meaning to the consecrated Christian life.

The course opens with humanity's most vital and needful occupation—improved relationship with God. Some of the lessons will contain devotional topics, but these will later be balanced by deeply esoteric subjects. It is suggested that the student review each lesson again and again before going on to the next so that the reminders for applying the techniques will be ever fresh in your mind and heart.

Happy studies and practices to you! May you experience an ever expanding, heightened consciousness, strongly in tune with Christ and His glorious Way!

Sincerely yours,

Flower A. Newhouse

Flower A. Newhouse

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View ChapterThe Quest (Foreword)
View ChapterDrawing Closer to God
View ChapterWays Into God’s Presence
View ChapterMeditation and Contemplation
View ChapterLearning to Live
View ChapterThe Way of Discipleship
View ChapterOur Indwelling Star
View ChapterDreams and What They Mean
View ChapterThe Council of the Perfected
View ChapterThe Soul Within Us
View ChapterMan’s Inherent Sixth Sense
View ChapterThe Hidden Side of Faith
View ChapterHaving A Rule for Our Lives
View ChapterThe Role of Prayer and Meditation
View ChapterChristian Mysticism
View ChapterLearning to Meet Tests
View ChapterHow to Celebrate Great Festivals
View ChapterInner Sensing
View ChapterVisualization
View ChapterThe Great Path
View ChapterPoints for Consideration
View ChapterSpiritual Creativity
View ChapterMan’s Secret Credo
View ChapterThe Etheric Body
View ChapterThe Astral and Mental Bodies
View ChapterThe Esoteric Aspect of Truth
View ChapterActivities of Invisible Helpers
View ChapterThe Challenge of Meditation
View ChapterReligions We May Have Experienced
View ChapterThe Past and How It Influences Us Today
View ChapterThe Thirty-Three Steps to Maturity
View ChapterLessons Which Have Been Impressed On Me
View ChapterDwelling In Living Time
View ChapterCreative Attunements
View ChapterHow A Dedicated Person Views Life
View ChapterThe Importance of Insight
View ChapterOur Higher Invisible Self
View ChapterDreams and Their Inner Meanings
View ChapterA Study of the Five Major Initiations
View ChapterOur Purpose In Life
View ChapterThe Secret of Love Between Opposites
View ChapterTurn from Belief to Illumination
View ChapterMan’s Need to Bless the Creatures
View ChapterThe Wondrous Reality
View ChapterNow Is the Time
View ChapterThe Mystery of the Christ
View ChapterInsights Into the Ways of Angels
View ChapterThe Inner Dimensional Aspect of Thoughts
View ChapterThe Necessary Second Birth
View ChapterThe Requirements of Discipleship
View ChapterThe Dweller on the Threshold
View ChapterSeven Sacred Centers
View ChapterThe Twelve Signs of the Zodiac, Part I
View ChapterThe Twelve Signs of the Zodiac, Part II
View ChapterHoly Obedience
View ChapterPrepare for Spiritual Blessings
View ChapterOpening the Doors to Hidden Potentialities
View ChapterSpiritual Insights into Psychological Disorders
View ChapterThe Immensity Consciousness
View ChapterPromises I Must Keep
View ChapterThe Scalpel of Decision
View ChapterThe Mystery of Christhood
View ChapterThe Awakening Sixth Sense
View ChapterGod Within and God Unfolded
View ChapterBeginning Our Mastership Now
View ChapterRegeneration Through Christ
View ChapterThe Meaning of Grace and Mercy
View ChapterMan’s Glorious Destiny
View ChapterThe Meaning of the Sacraments
View ChapterWhat Meditation Can Be
View ChapterChrist’s Influence Upon Man’s Consciousness
View ChapterChrist’s Influence Upon Man’s Rebirth
View ChapterChrist’s Influence Upon Man’sCharacter
View ChapterChrist’s Influence Upon Our Relationships
View ChapterChrist’s Influence Upon Our Ideals
View ChapterThree Modes of Development
View ChapterTransitions of Consciousness
View ChapterLife’s Highest Adventure