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A Votive Candle Prayer Goes Forth

Following that prayer inwardly

Votive Candles with Cross

Video: A Mother Lights a Prayer Candle and Expresses her Prayer

Oh, dear Lord Emmanuel, the Living Christ, hear Thou my prayer. I light this candle for the safekeeping of my daughter and her family while they are living in Egypt. We have been apart so long. I miss them so! Surround this dear family with Your Love and Your Light. I pray in Thy most Holy Name, Lord Christ. Amen.

As the pink, winged thought form moves from the person praying toward the home where the loved one resides, a stately Angel of Prayer intercepts the homing thought form. After several moments it as though a searchlight of purest white essence shines directly above the mental image. Slowly the image begins to expand, all the while increasing in size and changing color from a glowing pink to a pinkish-white form undulating with a breathing motion. Tracing the prayer form to its destination, Flower saw it tended and watched over by the beloved Angel of the Place, guardian of the home. This glorious Presence then added Her own flame of encirclement about the human prayer enhancing the breathing motion and causing it to emit an exquisite fragrance.