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The Inner side of Lighting a Candle in Prayer

A clairvoyant look into what happens during a prayer

Kneeling in Prayer

Our Lord is light in embodiment; He is light in form, in consciousness, in the wonderful sense of superhuman kind that we may worship. So we look at a candle or a group of candles and remember this is the light of Christ. We say to ourselves, I am the light that lighteth every person that cometh into the world.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Understanding the Value of the Sacraments

Is there a certain procedure for the use of the votive candles?

When we light a candle with stillness in our hearts, the reverence of our prayer and clarity of our thoughts form an archetype over the flame we are lighting. This archetype hovers above the flame. The Angels of Prayer receive this devotional thought form and They send its energies upward where it can be accomplished.

I have rarely seen anything as moving and beautiful as a prayer at work. The person performing the devotion seems to catch on fire with the Light being invoked. The thought form of a lovingly uttered prayer has all the delicacy, fragrance and color of heavenly flowers.
Flower A. Newhouse

The votive candles themselves are representatives of that prayer archetype and carry a part of the energy and power of the dedicated prayers that are offered in a church. Every person who quietly approaches where these selfless symbols burn receives a blessing from the love in which each prayer was given. It reminds each of us to give our prayers in greater devotion and in remembrance of the One to whom these prayers are raised. As we do, we will be inspired ourselves to lift the gift high enough and surrender it to the ever-watching Presence.

I always have found that those votive candles are another link we have to God. As long as they are burning, all of the thought essence of that thought form of the prayer is hovering over that area of the candle. They don't disappear and go somewhere else, for the most part. A very highly advanced person might be able to send those thought forms somewhere to someone as for healing to do their good, but it is beautiful to see what happens when those votive candles are lit, and what happens to the person as a result of a great prayer.
Flower A. Newhouse