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Novena Instructions

A Nine Day or Week Devotional Prayer Practice

A Mother Mary statue in Innsbruck, Austria

A NOVENA is an excellent spiritual means of praying, fasting, and meditating, for nine consecutive days or weeks, towards a single objective.

It is helpful to surrender something of ourselves permanently (a negative habit or trait that should be overcome). The additional power of this effort towards self-conquest empowers the prayers.
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Then at regular intervals, during the nine days or weeks, we remember the person, condition, or goal to be prayed for. United group work in such a project strengthens the inner work considerably.

Working on a Quality During a Novena

Novena for Becoming God-Centered

When is a Novena Appropriate?

There seem to be many conditions, such as illness and frustrations, which are so imprisoning and heavy in their effects that the persons who are suffering through them cannot gain permanent results in conquering the condition. However, remarkable help from God can channel through a sincere group of united prayers when this thought forms the basis of their earnest work together: "If it be God's Will for the individual or the condition to be released from bondage into health, or peace, or improvement, then with the help of Divine Sanction, let God's Will and Light now center upon the need with increased empowerment."

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