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Prayers for Personal Needs

Allowing God to be in charge of all things

This page offers prayers by Flower A. Newhouse for a variety of needs. They provide an excellent beginning point for us in our own prayer work. Flower always encouraged our prayers to creatively grow in their expression. By using these as a foundation, may we ever grow in how we freely express ourselves with God as we all learn to give our needs into the loving care of our Creator.

An Angel Statue showing the Divine Help that comes when we pray.

A Prayer for Personal Safety (Triple Ring-Pass-Not)

Flower on the Triple Ring-Pass-Not

Through the living power of Christ, I pray that a vigorous, permanent, triple ring-pass-not of protective White Light encircle me on all the seven-fold levels of being. Penetrating this circular fortress of spiritual fire may there be a mighty tent of White Light that shall cleanse and redeem me on all planes.

I ask for Divine overshadowing so that these words are now effective, causing all negativity and dross to be purified by the redemptive White Light. Let every attempt and thrust of evil be expelled and repelled continuously. Let every vestige of unwholesomeness and wickedness be cast into the fiery rings of God's Light, there to be fully and totally overcome and extinguished by Light's potent frequencies. Let whatever ashes remain be converted into constructive energies.

I stand within an encirclement of blazing Light, so bright that darkness cannot reach me. Only to the Good am I always open and responsive. Through Christ, our Lord, so let this be! Amen.

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