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Prayers of Healing

Coming Before the Presence

Walking into the Light of God's Love

Oh God in Thine infinite mercy may Grace attend this hour.
Diane Elwell

Because of the perishability of the human vehicle, every Christian should be interested in healing whether the healing is spiritual or in combination with medical means. Every approach to healing brings instruments and currents from God.

Whatever the challenge a person is facing, we ask that streams of energy from Christ's Living Presence enter our work. We ask that all lines connecting us with our Lord receive whatever charging, purification or ensoulment is necessary that life may flow onward unimpeded and constructively.

Guidelines for Prayers of Healing

  • Bring your mind and emotions under control—to peace.
  • Picture your organs, chakras and atoms in vibrant health.
  • Be willing to overcome your negative attitudes and live wholesomely.
  • Give your prayer to the Supreme which puts you in Divine keeping.
  • Surrender yourself saying, Let Thy will be done in and for me.
  • Your answer will come as: yes, no, wait, or there is a better way.
  • After initial prayer, do not ask again. Follow-up treatment should be done in meditation.
  • No one should be prayed for in a serious crisis who doesn't know you are praying, unless they are unconscious.
  • A person who has no belief in treatment work of this kind should not be prayed for.
  • When there is no feeling of response and you feel a wall, go no further. Just say, God, I leave John Smith in Your hands.

Let the healing waters flow

Examples of Healing Prayers

Video: Thoughts on Prayers of Healing for Others

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