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Life Number Calculations and Meanings

Offering Insights Toward Your Life's Purpose

The Pythagorean Triangle is the method taught to find your life number. That is the most vital number for your life, and it should be worked out and thought about a great deal. In your birth date is the lesson and the overtone of meaning as to the reason for your incarnation. We decided, with the great Kindel Archangel in planning our life graph before we were born, the keynote or numerical value that would bring the new experiences necessary for us. Just as our Soul chose the country and parents for this incarnation for definite reasons, so too, did it choose the date of birth because of the numerical evaluation's influences. It was important to the Soul that it receive the benefit of the specific vibration that would be broadcast on a certain day.

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Calculating Your Life Number

Flower's Pythagorean Triangle

In order to find your life number, Pythagoras said to draw an inverted triangle with your birth date across the top. Take the sum of the digits of your birth month and sum of your birth day and place the two digits in the upper left corner of the triangle. Then, take the sum of the first two digits of your birth year and the sum of the second two digits and place these two digits in the upper right corner.

Simply keep adding the digits together until they reduce to a single digit.
bioReverend Blake Isaac

In the next row, further reduce those numbers to single digits by adding the month and day on the left side and the year on the right. Finally, add these two numbers, reducing the sum down to a single digit at the bottom tip of the triangle. This is your birth or life purpose number.

Frequency Table

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