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Connecting to God in Nature

Let Nature Heal, Instruct and Enlighten Us

Flower A. Newhouse in Sequoia N.P., by © Jonathan Wiltshire

Scientific research has now proven that exposure to nature heals and restores us by reducing stress, quickening our minds, and making us happier. They've even determined that nature makes us kinder, more generous.

Flower A. Newhouse, Questhaven's co-founder, adds that, "when approached reverently and worshipfully, nature not only heals us, but instructs, transforms and enlightens us... and draws us closer to God."

And as Dr. Stephen Isaac reminds us:

The theme of all worship, and of life itself, is to draw closer to God.
bioDr. Stephen Isaac

This need to draw closer through communion with God in nature. This is the beautiful experience it brings us, as communion is always taking place in nature. There, we can find the peace that passeth all understanding as well as healing and enlightenment.

Every walk in nature is a ritual of Holy Communion, and the receiving of it.
John Burroughs

The first thing that we learn from the great out-of-doors is that it will give us its inner secrets, if we worship using not only our five senses, but our sixth as well. To do this, she instructs us to:

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