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Inspired by Nature

Love What you See

Flower A. Newhouse at Questhaven, by © Jonathan Wiltshire

Flower told us that she receives as much from nature as she does from meditation or reading. This is an important realization that God has imprinted the mysteries of life into the very fabric of the earth. It emphasizes our need to be outside in nature to explore the Divine Plan in all life.

There is nothing to me that equals the inspiration of the out of doors. Books are beautiful. We enjoy them. We are inspired by them. But give me the book of nature any day, and its hills and its valleys and its lakes and its shores and its clouds and its sunshine and everything it has. It is a wonderful thing to find God in nature.
Flower A. Newhouse

The nearer one is to enlightenment the more drawn to nature we are to study and love her ways. The more we can love as well as appreciate and seek to protect beauty in every form, the higher and nobler becomes our character. For nature teaches our character to expand, and it reaches out to our very Soul to make it as pure as it is.

Soul Video: Through the Eyes of a Nature Mystic

Nature is always working on us in this way to make us more receptive to God. So the next time we find ourselves on a nature trail, let us remember these words:

Cause all of nature to more strongly and more gloriously ensoul us. Let drafts of power come to us from the great Sky Kingdom! Let solar energies touch our innermost bodies and send their currents through our physical vehicles.

Let the trees and the forests sing their praises to Thee. Let the Planetary Spirit, Whose earth body we stand upon, grant us power, inner sight, and strength to do our work on earth while deeply in love with Thee in nature.

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This page is dedicated to gathering inspirational moments that you have found in nature. Share a poem, insight or keynote that you received while communing with God in nature.