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The Inner Side of Nature

Looking Through the Eyes of Inner Perception

Tree Deva, by © Jonathan Wiltshire

When one experiences Nature through the eyes of inner perception, there is nothing commonplace in this kingdom. Such an approach to Nature requires reverence. In contrast to a casual or indifferent attitude, the sensitive individual looks upon Nature as a sacred creation of God that deserves to be valued and revered.
Flower A. Newhouse

Whenever we are getting ready to take a walk in nature, it is good to inwardly prepare for this experience. We are striving to become holy expectant. This gives us a wonderful opportunity see with inner perception.

Flower gives us some practical advice to help us receive the most from all that flows to us from these nature cathedrals, once we arrive. Flower encourages us to:

  • Walk alone (Devas or Angels attend to us individually)
  • Walk slowly, eyes up, use all your senses
  • Choose a trail which climbs up (walk into the currents)
  • Try to pick a new trail not taken before (newness)
  • Learn to identify the birds, animals, flowers, trees and minerals that you'll likely encounter (an inner spark of recognition goes out from us to the ones we identify)

You keep on sensing, analyzing, exploring, appreciating, loving, adoring—all at the same time—and you are so busy, there couldn't be any thought that would be lowered, because there is so much to see.
Flower A. Newhouse

Individuals, who succeed in keeping their attention spiritually focused, attract the warmest approval from Devic and Angelic Watchers. They will aid, enliven, instruct, and direct those whose aura reveals the sincerity, purity, and eagerness of their quest.

Soul Video: Walking in Greater God Awareness

In her book, Angels of Nature, Flower is more specific about the qualities we need to cultivate in order to attract the attention and approval of these watchers from each of the four kingdoms of nature.

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