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Nature's Portals of Instruction

God's Mysteries Unveiled

A consciousness-expanding view on Solitude Summit Trail, Questhaven

When entering nature you should feel that here is one of the clearest doors to illumination for you—a door that is always open.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, The Inner Side of Nature

Wherever you go in nature, remember communion is taking place continually. No one is barred and everyone is served if we approach Nature with reverence. So it is up to us to receive from this great field.

The Importance of Nature

The ways of Nature are often missed by individuals, because people are so immersed in details. As humans we have to watch that we do not become so lost in the abstractions of our routine living, that we do not disengage ourselves sufficiently to behold with wonder the voice of God speaking through His firmament.

God's beauty unfolded

When we take nature for granted and pay it little heed, our lives are greatly diminished, for nature is our greatest teacher. As we realize that nature is the seedbed out of which members of the Angelic Kingdom come forth and that it is nature that can initiate us into the mystical realities of God's creation, we begin to comprehend its vital importance in our lives.

Learning to treat nature as a sacred creation of God to be valued and revered may bring untold treasures into our lives. We might be privileged to see a deva grotto deep in nature, find a sparkling mineral at our feet or be blessed to earn the loyalty of the nature beings.

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