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The Living Christ

Lord of Angels and Humanity

Sacred Space, Courtesy of

Thou hast made us for Thyself, and our hearts are ever restless till they find their rest in Thee.
St. Augustine

Flower on the Mystery of Christhood

People today frequently think of Jesus as an interesting historical figure from the past. Flower assures us over and over through her writing and speaking that Christ is Eternal, a Living Presence for all time. He stands alone. There is no one else like Him. Jesus is the only Soul qualified to be called the only begotten son. His tremendous self-sacrifice and overcoming, His supreme ability to surrender Himself to that Work that is Higher than Himself and His excellence as a human soul qualified Him for that which no other human was qualified—to become the Christ Officiant on Planet Earth. We worship the Living Christ. It is not an easy faith. Like other important things on earth, it requires self-sacrifice and self-giving.

One of the most wonderful things that Christ ever gave this world as His permanent gift was the awareness that this outer dimension is penetrated, supplied, and guided by another higher spiritual dimension. We know there is more to life than appears on the surface. Out of this deep certainty that Christ gives us of eternity to which we belong, there springs a new and creative worship and consecration to God.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Christian Mysticism: Collected Works of Flower A. Newhouse (Vol. 1)

Flower A. Newhouse about Christ being the Christ Officiant

As Hierarch He serves as a model for the rest of humanity for the Christing of our natures. His unlimited Love, His transformative Power and His instruction gives Him jurisdiction over our humanity—even those who do not revere Him. He demonstrates what it means to think, feel, live and aspire on the Soul Plane. With His great power and inner wisdom He serves as mediator between ourselves and that supremely great Power we call God. Through His own actions He demonstrated to humanity the importance of searching for the good in all, of reverencing God and of beholding God in everyone and everything in His Name. We benefit in every meditation if we are concentrated on Christ's character. His temperament, love and wisdom shine through Him.

Flower A. Newhouse speaks about who the Christ is

Christ by Heinrich Hoffman

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