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Aligning to the Christ Spirit

A Radiant Blessing that permeates the World

Christ the Redeemer

Video: What is the Christ Spirit?

Around the world a remarkable blessing is taking place that affects every life considerably. This is the benediction and service of the Christ Spirit. It is a radiant ring of energy moving out from the heart of Christ like an aura that permeates the world.

Every person, who in a self-forgetful moment is good, unselfish, overcomes and does something beyond their usual state, emanates a glorious white radiation that leaves their soul self and goes up and joins this reservoir of cumulative power that encircles the earth.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Christian Mysticism: Collected Works of Flower A. Newhouse (Vol. 1)

With each overcoming, this aura about the earth becomes wider and more glorious and will continue to do so as long as this footstool of God's creation exists. The Christ Spirit holds the qualities of goodness, spiritual love, and most importantly, the stimulus for all life to return to God. It is this awakening to the latent Divinity within us that becomes the great task of this expression of God through the Lord Christ. While it rays out Divine love and encouragement to every creature in existence, its energies are devoted to bringing humanity into a state of regeneration and self-conquest. Christ will not finish His work until the whole planet and all of humanity is brought to its highest degree of development.

Bringing Joy to Our Lord

Each of us has something to contribute to that wonderful work. Wherever we are, we should choose by our attitudes, vocations, study and service to add our share of strength and intelligence to the Christ Spirit, and to the beautification and spiritualization of the world.

The Christ Face Encompassing the World

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