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God in Nature

Finding Enlightenment and Healing

When wisely trod, the path to God through Nature employs every faculty inherent in man.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Reverend Athene Bitting, The Journey Upward

We know that God can be approached by many paths, every one of them valid. As we mature spiritually, we perceive that wholeheartedness and worship with our entire being has to enter the path for a meeting with God. One path to illumination that has innumerable blessings for us is worshipping God through Nature. Here, you can meet the Creator face to face, yet very few venture into Nature with the purpose of making His acquaintance.

Mountain Lord, © Jonathan Wiltshire

Nature ennobles us if we let it
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, The Inner Side of Nature

It is Nature that is the great healer and the restorer, the transformer and the instructor. Nature offers inward peace and benediction to all who will go out into its great expansiveness, for there, God is felt more closely, intimately, and gloriously. Appreciation of Nature's beauty needs not only to be enjoyed, but individually expressed, that greater soul enrichment may be derived.

Nature has its own way of teaching us, and it can initiate us as well as any of the other paths that lead to God. In fact, it is a simpler way, it is a more profound way, and it demands of us a greater depth than do the churches, or do the ways of devotion by which we might approach the Eternal.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Nature As Healer and Enlightener

In the book, Angels of Nature, Flower outlines the qualities we need to cultivate in order to attract the attention and approval of those who serve the four kingdoms of Nature.

  • In order to harmonize with Earth we must cultivate unselfishness, generosity... being open-hearted and good.
  • Air intelligences demand constancy, fidelity, humility and appreciation... and the purity of our thoughts and feelings which constitute our air realm—consciousness.
  • Water reminds us to seek for self-command and control of our emotions. The easy flow of water symbolizes the outflowing of spiritualized love, which water expects from us.
  • The element of Fire is closely linked to the advent of spiritual enlightenment. As such, it requires of us integrity, earnestness, enthusiasm, and holy desire.

Flower on Nature

When one experiences Nature through the eyes of inner perception, there is nothing commonplace in this kingdom. Such an approach to Nature requires reverence. In contrast to a casual or indifferent attitude, the sensitive individual looks upon Nature as a sacred creation of God that deserves to be valued and revered.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Dr. Stephen Isaac, Angels of Nature

When wisely trod, the path to God through Nature employs every faculty inherent in man. In Nature, beauty shines in all its pristine essence before us. It is for us to newly discover and translate this beauty to our spirits and our senses.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Reverend Athene Bitting, The Journey Upward

Journey to the mountains for healing and enlightenment, and then return to the plains and cities to radiate the Light of what you may have gleaned.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Songs of Deliverance

In these wilderness areas, we will find, if we have the heart, both spiritually and physically, to journey into the back country, that where there are no roads, only footpaths of the deer or made by the feet of men, we will come into an area that is virgin, that is holy, where communion is continually being served, where every day is the Sabbath, where every rock is an altar, where the breezes bring you instructions if you listen to them properly.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Springtime’s Festival

Appreciate and love and reverence the Great Architect of this cosmos that made everything as it is.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, May’s Lovely Differences

I think of how limited the human being is and allows himself to be. He'll plant one mustard seed and concentrate on that, when he could plant the seeds of giant sequoias and redwoods and have comparable attainments. We are so meager and so petty and so stingy with the Divine potential indwelling us, when God is not. He has sprinkled the heavens with galaxies without number, and suns and planets.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Spiritual Qualities Maytime Represents

The more we have of flowers and shrubs and trees around our home, the more sure we are to be in the emanations of light of these transcendent intelligences who guard and guide and nurture Nature from within.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, The Third Eye and What It Signifies

There is nothing to me that equals the inspiration of the out of doors. Books are beautiful. We enjoy them. We are inspired by them, but give me the book of nature any day, and its hills and its valleys and its lakes and its shores and its clouds and its sunshine and everything it has. It is a wonderful thing to find God in nature.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, The Awesomeness of December

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