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Worshiping through Music

Climbing to Higher Realms of Consciousness

Inner side of a Concert, © Jonathan Wiltshire

Beautiful music generates energies that touch the hearts of those of us on earth who long for a connection with the Inner Worlds. Inspired compositions throughout time have brought us stirring sounds and harmonies that can transport us into these higher realms of consciousness. We are told that great music is mystical. It wraps around us, slips within us and brings us to thresholds of upliftment that no other medium can duplicate. Music unfolds and has a life of its own within each one who listens.

Coming to Spiritual Oneness with Music

Flower taught that music is the language of the spheres, the language of Angels, and is one of the loveliest sounds on earth.

The creative energies of music provide for all of us a readily accessible royal road into the Angel Kingdom.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Dr. Stephen Isaac, Touched by Angels

Flower Describing Music Clairvoyantly

On the causal level (from our souls) we are one with everything we appreciate, and therefore, when hearing great music it sounds through us. That is why we want to sing it at our best and our highest in consciousness. It is then we have the opportunity to realize all that the music is talking about when we have this type of at-one-ment with the spirit the composer knew in writing the music.

Flower says:

In my late teens, I attended my first Hollywood Bowl concert, and that night the Pastoral Symphony by Beethoven was played. During this particular number, I looked at the music from various levels. I observed it first physically. I saw of course the shell that was lighted, with the musicians playing their music; I saw this tremendous audience, thousands and thousands of people gathered there in quietness and respect. There was that about the summer evening that brought peace to one within. That was the physical side.

Then I stepped into the etheric side. I realized that as the music played, there were certain bars that released etheric color, which is best known as the rose shade for health, or the green shade for empowerment and energy, or the blue shade for healing. Then I stepped into the astral level and looked there. It was here that I had the biggest change in my observation because I noticed so many things, and I took them up one by one.

For instance, from that great symphony orchestra the musicians were enveloped with tremendous power. It came from the Causal region—a tremendous Light that grew in intensity as the musicians were inspired by the music they were playing. Then, whenever the composer placed phrases of what I call "empowerment" or their special theme which is repeated again and again, tremendous fountain-like archetypes would flow forth over the heads of the audience. They were large and glorious; there's no way to describe them on this plane because colors are more varied in the inner realms than we have in the color spectrum here. Those archetypes stretched out while the phrase was being played from the performers to the audience, becoming elongated. It would eventually begin to expand as if it was trying to reach out toward God. Then all of a sudden it would be gone and a new one would begin again. Each time it kept evolving, going higher and higher from plane to plane, until it reached as high as the loftiest soul in the orchestra could reach through their inspiration while playing.

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