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Handbell Choir Workshop

Ringing in the tones of heaven

Handbells before a performance

Someone once asked Flower if the sounds from the Handbell Choir were like the musical tones in the Inner Dimensions. She said, Oh, yes. You have no idea how often those tones are heard on the Inner. Usually there are Devic Beings and it usually symbolizes something that they are very happy about, or in some cases, it is the ringing of the sound to get attention, needful attention, and they certainly receive it. I think our bell ringers are doing a wonderful service for our Lord, here and wherever they will be led to serve with those bells.

The handbell choir has been ringing their celestial tones since 1977 at Questhaven. Their beautiful sounds have become an integral part of our special services. The bell music aims to lift the consciousness of all who listen to the higher realms. Because of this, we want you to be able to have their sounds wherever you are as part of your Academy community. In honor of a visit with our spiritual family in Badli, Switzerland near Wildhaus, we created this video with the handbells to be expressive of the bridge of Christ's love that connects us all.

Video: O God Beyond All Praising

Youth Bell Ringer Damon Bleth in 1977

A Brief History of Handbells at Questhaven

Two octaves of bells were first purchased in 1977. Under the direction of Eugene Morse, an adult and youth choir for bells began. A couple of these young ringers are still in the adult bell choir today.

Video: Joy to the World

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Here is one of the first octaves originally purchased in 1977. Can you create your own melody?

Here is the same octave in handchimes. Feel the difference in their tone and vibration.