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Our Aims and Mission

Consecrated to the Lord Christ Forever

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Our Mission:

The Christward Ministry is dedicated to spreading the Way of the Christ throughout the world and to teaching individuals the daily application of mystical and esoteric Christianity.

We live in challenging times. World conditions are pressing us to find solutions to problems that are as old as time itself. We of the Christward Ministry have a key role to play. It is to chart a course that awakens humanity to the resources and availability of the Living Christ in the world today.
bioReverend Blake Isaac

Our Purpose:

To carry on in spirit and intention the teachings and retreat established by the founders, Flower and Lawrence Newhouse, and demonstrate their validity in life by drawing closer to God through their belief and practice.

Our Understanding:

This ministry does not seek to establish a sect or creed—it has no memberships but strives to reveal unity in the diversity of all faiths and paths to God. We believe that when the Christ Spirit can be made a vital part of our existence, its influence will unify, heal, and transform world conditions. This Ministry is actively engaged in sharing the teachings of the Lord Christ. We endeavor to present a balanced combination of metaphysical principles and esoteric dimensions of life which Christ shared with the world.

Our Aims:

Christ ever before us

To worship and deepen our relationship with Christ

What a struggle life is until we willingly and resolutely make it a field for Christ's sowing! Each day Christians should remember to align themselves to the wavelengths of Christ, for in them is purifying power.

The Lord Christ is responsible for the spiritual evolution of all people, even those who do not revere Him. Within His keeping are the keys for the development of this humanity. He offers all life a safe return to God.
bioFlower A. Newhouse

To bring the immediacy of God into each moment

As purity in motivation is matched by the will to penetrate the barriers that separate us from God, then a wonderful event takes place; we begin to know and see God.

To make us conscious of the Christhood toward which we travel in experience, and to quicken our reverent and wise use of God's dynamic powers

We make progress in spiritual ways, not by human over-eagerness, not by haste, nor by stern self-command; but rather by "the measure of Christ" we allow to function every day, every hour, and through every event.

A Chohi Angel by Don Burson

To recognize the great Plan of life under which we grow

Our path to perfection and to the continual realization of peace lies in the directing of our thoughts, energies and desires toward their highest good, and toward the support of the edifying Divine Reality and the Divine Plan.

To bring one into harmonious fellowship with the Angelic and Higher Kingdoms of being

It is very needful that this shining reality of the Angels, mentioned in all of the great religious books of earth, should be known to us, and not only known, but especially appreciated and loved.

In truth, there is scarcely an area in our evolution which is unattended by the Couriers of Heaven...It should be our strong desire to become Their channels that Their beneficent direction and frequencies may influence our world.
bioFlower A. Newhouse

To make us conscious of our inner life and our immortality

We are here in life for but one reason—to learn to climb through ascensions of consciousness into the true Selfhood which is within us—the Selfhood which is our real nativity, our home in God's spirit.