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Classes & Activities

Prayer, Meditation, Discipleship, Arts, Nature

The Academy

The Christward Ministry offers classes and activities formed from a synthesis of Flower A. Newhouse's lectures and writings to help seekers apply these deeper Christ teachings.

It is important to learn of prayer, meditation, love, forgiveness, humility and the exercise of faith, but it is also vital to live these qualities. Every individual has their own problems to solve, but a sincere disciple must be ever striving to use the teachings of Christ in ever greater consistency and sincerity that results are realized.

Study classes and activities that align us with God give one an opportunity to experience and learn the way of Christian mysticism. These endeavor to expand the consciousness and strengthen the character of all who participate.

The value and scope of esoteric Christianity appears when we perceive how fully it explains variations, as well as other facts related to living, that cannot be answered by any other level of interpretation. We discover in this higher approach the practice of realizing God within us as well as around us, and try through love, humility and reverence to be at one with that Presence.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Esoteric Teachings: Collected Works of Flower A. Newhouse (Vol. 2)

Academy Training

Academy Training

Questhaven Academy offers certification programs and ministerial training opportunities, preparing and training individuals to follow the path of Christian Mysticism. The Christ Way is taught by every Adept, for the Christ Ideal stands for human brotherhood, human development and human perfection. The work of the Christ Spirit is embodied by all those Perfected Beings who strive for human betterment.

Wisdom Teachings

Wisdom Teaching Classes

Wisdom Teaching classes are held seasonally in Chapelito. These devotional classes are dedicated to the path of mastery that all life is evolving upon. We draw insights, instruction and meditation from Those who have achieved evolution's goal of perfection. We often discuss what it means to be a Master as well as how we can better appreciate and awaken to Them. Check the Ongoing Activities section of our calendar for news and schedule.

World Prayer

World Prayer

Prayer work for world and individual circumstances is practiced here. We invite you to join us in linking with other "pray-ers" to form a beautiful chain of energy encircling the world, blessing and transforming world circumstances and to pray for individuals in need of healing and guidance. You are welcome to join us on Friday's at noon in the Church of the Holy Quest for our weekly World Prayer service. If you desire prayers for healing or guidance and would like to be added to our weekly prayer list, please contact the office.

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing Clinics

Pranic Healing Clinics are offered seasonally on the first Sunday of the month at Questhaven to provide an opportunity for those who are in need of free access to pranic healing services. Clinic begins at 1:00 p.m. at the Academy building or adjacent to the Church. Not offered on holiday weekends. Check the Ongoing Activities section of our calendar for news and schedule.

Daily Meditation

Daily Meditation

Daily meditation is as necessary to the Soul as is nourishment to the body, and is a safe and proven means for lifting the level of one's consciousness. It provides brief footholds on higher elevations of perception as well as new levels of living from their range. We consciously purify ourselves of worldly or personal preoccupations and center ourselves wholly upon consciousness of God. We envision the endeavor of meditation as flowing smoothly, without interference or mind wandering.

Nature Walks

Finding Enlightenment in Nature

Finding God in Nature is a path to illumination that has innumerable blessings for us. Here, you can meet the Creator face to face, yet very few venture into Nature with the purpose of making His acquaintance. It is Nature that is the great healer and the restorer, the transformer and the instructor. Nature offers inward peace and benediction to all who will go out into its great expansiveness, for there, God is felt more closely, intimately, and gloriously. Appreciation of Nature's beauty needs not only to be enjoyed, but individually expressed, that greater soul enrichment may be derived.

The Arts

Appreciation of the Arts

Artistic Expression in the form of sacred dance, visual arts, music and writing is encouraged at Questhaven to enrich the worship experience and understanding of spiritual creativity. Questhaven artists create and discover images of beauty and the sacred in nature, providing glimpses into inner landscapes and making soul connections with representatives of the Angelic Kingdom. The power of great music opens sensitivities into the Inner worlds. Questhaven voice and handbell choirs ring out their joyous praises to God. Through creative movement the sacred dancers glorify God, as have temple dancers from ages past. Our offering reflects that of the Angels as they continually praise God through this universal language of light and power.



Our Paneurhythmy Circle is located adjacent to the Labyrinth. Paneurhythmy is a system of meditative movements set to sacred music that was brought to the world by the Bulgarian Christian Mystic, Master Peter Deunov, between the years of 1932 and 1942. He teaches that this sacred dance of life unites heaven and earth through a series of twenty-eight easily learned movements in rhythmic circular walking dance. This sacred dance applies the principles of love, wisdom and truth and is a method of balancing the physical, mental and spiritual forces within man. Check the Ongoing Activities section of our calendar for news and schedule.


Labyrinth Walks

Walk our seven-circuit Labyrinth, an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness, a metaphor for life's purposeful journey, an archetype with which we can have a direct experience with God. Bring to mind a prayer or spiritual question to contemplate during the walk to the center. Reaching the center, pause to reflect, pray, listen for an answer or for deeper revelation. Now begin the return journey. Pray or reflect further. Upon exiting, use further reflection, prayer, or journaling to absorb the experience.