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Service Opportunities

Tithing and Volunteering

Servers in Action

Service recognizes that all action ultimately must glorify God by bringing about on earth the conditions of Heaven.

All of our lives are but a preparation for this final stage of evolution when we set aside the needs of survival, comfort, security, and self-enhancement and only one need remains: to do God's will and serve His Cause. Selfless service often reveals where our consciousness and character stand.

Voice Choir

Voice and Bell Choirs

The power of great music opens sensitivities into the Inner worlds. Questhaven voice and handbell choirs enrich the worship experience and ring out their joyous praises to God. During a service, the choir sets the inner releasement of the frequencies of sound and color and light in preparing for worship.

Sacred Dance

Sacred Dance

Through creative movement the sacred dancers glorify God, as have temple dancers from ages past. Our offering reflects that of the Angels as they continually praise God through this universal language of light and power. Sacred dance is presented during each of our major annual retreats.

Servers in Action

Servers in action

Join us the first Saturday of each month for prayer, work, and fellowship as we come together to maintain the grounds and facilities of Questhaven to keep them beautiful for our Lord and our visitors. Lunch is served to reward our wonderful gifts of service.



The gifts of time and energy on the part of countless individuals have been invaluable to the maintenance and enhancement of the Retreat's property and activities. The voice and bell choirs and the temple dancers, coffee and luncheon servers, and Servers in Action volunteers are prominent examples. Less visible, but certainly appreciated, are those who regularly care for the Church, the landscaping and watering of the Retreat, along with those who devote time to prayer needs, provide transportation, visit the sick or home-bound, and perform numerous other acts of thoughtful service.

Welcome Garden


One of the most beneficial practices is tithing. Tithing opens the wellsprings of the giver's own inflow. Giving a portion of one's income on a regular basis fulfills the theme of an open pool and activates forces that more than return the portion tithed. Most tithers choose the portion of 10%, but any amount is a good and valued beginning.