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Meet Our Ministers

Ordained by The Christward Ministry

Here you can meet our active ministers, each ordained here at Questhaven, who inspire us regularly on Sunday, help conduct our Weekend Retreats and perform our Ministry services. Each of our ministers was ordained at Questhaven by The Christward Ministry. Several of our ministers were ordained by our founder, Reverend Flower A. Newhouse.

Blake Isaac

Reverend Blake Isaac

Reverend Blake Isaac grew up on the grounds of Questhaven. He is a life-long student of the founder of this retreat, the Reverend Flower A. Newhouse. This unique opportunity provided him rare insight into both the mystical and practical aspects of her work. Blake's career in education has included teaching math and serving as principal in a local school district. He is currently the Director of Questhaven Retreat and The Christward Ministry. A teacher and lecturer at heart, his greatest love comes in sharing the spiritual journey with others.

Miara Willis

Reverend Miara Willis

Reverend Miara Willis was exposed to esoteric teaching from childhood but she always longed to know more about Jesus. Her desire led her to Questhaven in 1997 where she knew she had found the living Christ she was seeking. Miara's interest in dance and dance therapy led her to a BA in Dance and an MA in Dance/Movement Therapy. She has worked professionally as a ballet and modern dancer, a dance therapist in hospital settings, and a certified Pilates instructor. Miara is an ardent student of Flower's teachings and has given her heart to this work.

Felice Reynolds

Reverend Felice Reynolds

Reverend Felice Reynolds feels fortunate to have grown up with the teachings of Flower A. Newhouse as well as having had the opportunity to know her personally. She has been active in the work at Questhaven all her life. Her training as a hospice nurse has allowed her the privilege of working with persons (and their families) nearing the end of life as they prepare for transition. She feels called to help those who are in need of healing, on all levels of being.

Dan Willis

Reverend Dan Willis

Reverend Dan Willis has been part of Questhaven and a student of the Christward Way since childhood. For nearly 30 years he served as a police officer, retiring as a captain. He now travels the country providing emotional survival and wellness training to peace officers regarding the spiritual principles of service and he is a published author regarding trauma and ways to heal. He's fond of saying that without the Christward Ministry and the teachings of the Reverend Flower A. Newhouse, his life would be unrecognizable.

Lucy Wold

Reverend Lucy Wold

Reverend Lucy Wold began her spiritual search at age twelve when traditional churches failed to answer her questions about the purpose of life. A move to the farm house on Questhaven Road in 1972 led her to Questhaven Retreat where Flower's teachings provided her with the meaningful answers she had long sought. Her background includes teaching, writing and social work (M.S.W.). Lucy finds her highest form of self-expression through spiritual writing and enjoys writing plays and vignettes for retreats. She is a Sunday speaker, secretary of the Board of Trustees and worked with many others to develop the labyrinth and the Garden of Prayer.

Hal A. Lingerman

Reverend Hal A. Lingerman

Reverend Hal A. Lingerman discovered a book by Flower A. Newhouse, Disciplines of the Holy Quest, in Samuel Weiser's bookstore in New York City in 1973. He was guided to thank Flower in person, so he drove cross-country in response to the post office box address on the back of the book. Hal moved to California in 1978 to be closer to Questhaven and was ordained by Rev. Newhouse in 1982. His background includes thirty years of college teaching, pastoring and counseling, and seven years of Interfaith ministry to the hungry and homeless. Hal has authored a variety of books, including The Healing Energies of Music, Life Streams, Living Your Destiny, Your Journey in Christ, For the Love of God, Music to Awaken Heaven on Earth, Spiritual Awakenings I, II, The Nurturing Presence of Angels and The Living Christ: His Healing Influence Today.

Julie Hilt

Reverend Julie Hilt

Reverend Julie Hilt, a lifelong esoteric student, started her journey in the Spiritualist Church in London. Her interior search for the deeper meaning of life led her to the work of the Reverend Flower A. Newhouse. Julie was introduced to Flower's work through her book, The Reality of Angels. This ignited a passion for all that Flower revealed about Christian Mysticism. Julie devotes her time to a small prison ministry. She seeks to restore those affected by incarceration through the principles of refinement of character and consciousness as found in the teachings of the Reverend Flower A. Newhouse.

Jennifer Rohlmeier

Reverend Jennifer Rohlmeier

Reverend Jennifer Rohlmeier was fortunate to have grown up at Questhaven and to have been a student of Reverend Flower A. Newhouse. Jennifer holds a BBA in Health Care, was an instructor at a medical vocational school, and has worked in varied medical settings as an Office Manager. In 2015 she went through a seminary program through the International Metaphysical Ministry and was ordained. She is a Certified Spiritual Coach as well as Reiki practitioner and has now completed the Academy program, earning her ordaination at Questhaven. Jennifer is a harpist and uses music as a healing modality as well as for meditation.

Robert Holler

Reverend Robert Holler

Reverend Robert Holler has always enjoyed the metaphysical side of Christianity. When the seminary program opened within our Academy, Bob was one of the first to sign up. Upon completion, he was ordained as a minister at Questhaven. His love for the living Christ is what has always guided Him throughout life. He looks forward to continuing to serve Christ in whatever way that he can.

Elizabeth Wood

Reverend Elizabeth Wood

Reverend Elizabeth Wood first met Questhaven's co-founders, Flower and Lawrence Newhouse, when she was in her mid-teens and experienced an immediate soul recognition of Flower as her spiritual teacher. After raising a family, Elizabeth moved closer to Questhaven in 1972 and worked in the Questhaven office as bookkeeper and secretary from 1976 until her retirement in 1999. She was ordained by Flower and appointed to the ministry's Board of Trustees in 1981 and became a frequent speaker on Sundays. A resident at Questhaven since 1982, Elizabeth remains active coaching Questhaven Academy students.

Myrna Triggs

Reverend Myrna Triggs

Reverend Myrna Triggs first heard Flower lecture at the Wiltshire Ebell Club in Los Angeles and immediately felt she was standing in beauty and light and hearing truth. During her first visit to Questhaven she went walking in the hills, saw a white light and knew that she was home. Myrna has served on the Board of Trustees, coordinated and participated in retreats, traveled with Flower on Questhaven tours and given lectures and classes about drawing nearer to God and feeling the Divine Presence.

Bette Harper

Reverend Bette Harper

Reverend Bette Harper has ties to Questhaven that go back to her childhood when her mother hosted lectures by Flower and Lawrence in Washington State. Bette applied the Truths they taught to her daily living as she experienced the lessons of the ''school of life.'' She became a licensed real estate agent in 1962 and moved to Escondido in 1969. Participating in Questhaven's choir and retreats and her ordination in 1984 brought Bette a whole new life. Getting to know Flower deepened her understanding of the Angel Kingdom and made her aware of the absolute verification of Mystical Christianity.