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Developing Creative Meditation Practices

Aspects of Truth to Ponder with God

Light from the heavens radiating down

Meditation can be a very creative experience. It leads to heights and extensions of thought that are not contacted ordinarily. In this practice one contacts the beauty of holiness, the realization of lofty realities, powers, and intelligences. In the atmosphere of holiness, the values of inner training, of self-surrender, and of character development are enlivened. As we meditate upon spiritual realities, their light and energies begin to embody us, and we are enabled to dwell in their presence for longer periods of time.

Hold! Whither dost thou run? Heaven is within thee! If thou seekest God elsewhere, thou wilt miss Him completely.
Angelus Silesius

Meditation ideas

It is an excellent practice to make up our own creative, meditative procedures. At certain times, however, an entire period might be devoted to that of the Atomic Treatment Work. Or we might meditate upon entering the three Pools of Renewal in the astral world wherein we shall realize purification, peace, and renewal. On another day we might choose to intone the various color beams on the inner planes and to have those on our prayer list impregnated by these beams. Again we might be led to use the Alignment Technique, including the wielding of triple ring-pass-nots of Divine White Light. We might also meditate upon the Perfected Members of the Christ Hierarchy, reverently intoning the names of Great Ones whose lives, works, or writings we particularly appreciate. Or one might remind themselves at the start of devotions, Today I shall meditate upon a current of God's Love raying out through me to everyone I think of or meet. On another day our meditation could consist of planning how faith should be remembered and used effectively.

A very simple but powerful meditative diagram to follow is this devotional form:

  1. God the All in all.
  2. The Light of God pouring into one's life.
  3. Living attuned to Him throughout the day.
  4. Envisioning one's whole incarnation as influenced, led, sustained, and redeemed through communion with God.

Meditation bridges the inner and outer worlds

Then a different kind of meditation could be the idealizing of the present and the future and a forgiveness of the past. Since home, work, and growth are basic experiences of every day, they, too, could be meditatively regarded.

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