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Guided Meditations

Allowing God's Light to Penetrate Every Atom

Flower and Lawrence meditating in Chapelito, 1950's

...only in meditation the mystery speaks to us
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, The Necessary Cultivation of Tranquility

When meditation and prayers combine together, it forms what Flower called treatment work. Below you will find a growing support of meditations and treatments that can be used to help lead you into the Holy of Holies. Enjoy these offerings to support your efforts in the practice of God awareness.

Seven-pointed Star Meditation

An interesting meditation to help us have a greater awareness of the Spirit of God Indwelling is to envision a seven-pointed star shining behind our heads. Then think of this star of Divine energy sending down a ray of light into the heart center. From this center see the ray extending into and through the two arms and hands. Now vision a beam of light raying out from the heart chakra down the spine and simultaneously into the legs and feet. Having envisioned the source from which this light travels through one's being, ask that this light shine out with the charge of clearance to all negativity stored in the various faculties. Then see it shining out with the charge of peace, and lastly with harmony.

Seven-Pointed Star Meditation

The Five Gates

This meditation helps us to climb in consciousness to reach onement with God more readily. It uses the visualization of entering five gates that ready us for such a contact with Our Creator—the gates of purification, preparation, faith's understanding, Divine realization and Divine union.

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