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Atomic Treatment Meditations

Calling every atom to turn upward to Light

A veritable sun within us

We realize we are Masters in the becoming and our great work in life consists of our doing something toward that goal. One of the most important practices that we face is that of learning to govern ourselves. It concerns our beginning of direct influence over the atomic structure which prevails in each one of our seven bodies.

When we talk about governing the atoms of the bodies as the Masters say we must before we become Adepts, They are referring to the mental body, the astral body, the etheric and the physical forms. These are the vehicles we are intended to improve.

Atomic Treatment

The Atomic Treatment helps you to get command of the trillions and trillions of atomic intelligences which compose you as a being. It works to renew the frequencies with which your vehicles are invested to accentuate and bring forth healing.

The Sun shining on the planets

Atomic Treatment for You and Questhaven

Atomic Treatment (with music)

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