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A Master's Lesson on Peace

The Wise and The Strong

An offering of Peace

Grace be unto thee through Christ. I am your brother John. It is time again to speak directly and to acquaint you with the devotions, practices, the overcoming necessary for you each to achieve as the result of your being tried and tested, blessed and made worthy for bridging work between earth and heaven!

My special duty and my supreme joy in relation to you as a group is to acquaint you more thoroughly with Our Elder Brother Who bears the title, as well as the investment of power, known as Christ.

A Vessel of Peace

Today through the earth We are sending Legions of Light, urging persons individually and unitedly to become and maintain areas of Peace—centers of alignment for Christ to use. Whenever you are prone to respond to haste, impatience, or anger, you are delaying the conquest of earth by the Legions of God Light. You too curtain the earth and prevent the door of world peace from opening, in permitting yourselves to know separation in thought or feeling from any living person, creature or thing!

Sitting in Peace

My Brothers and I urge you especially, to bring to peace your entire lives, all of the attributes with which they are associated, and all of the interests which encircle them. Allow yourselves no liberties in expressing that which closes out the Light! Know that every individual, event, animal, and instrument which you use or are near, or with which you must be associated, is to enter your attention peacefully, your thoughts courteously, your employments and care lovingly.

How can We ordain and make possible the era of Peace until you and those like you who have had communication with Light for ages, are unbroken mirrors of that true Light?

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