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The Armor of Meditation

Condition the Consciousness and Receive God

The Armor of Meditation

Flower A. Newhouse reminds us that only when our minds are capable of contact with Reality shall we fully appreciate the protective armor of meditation. The practice of meditation will not only shield us from negligent use of our mental faculties by awakening the full powers of the mind, but it will be our individual bridge of communion with the Everlasting. Let's work together to make this practice a regular part of our spiritual journey.

This class is part of a Lenten series of classes based on a book by Flower A. Newhouse entitled Armor for the Spiritual Life. It includes one lesson on The Armor of Meditation.

This course is open to anyone. If you wish to receive credit for this class, you'll be required to complete all aspects of the lesson including Study, Experience, Practice and Share.

Rob Rohlmeier, Instructor

Prerequisites: None

Life Credits: 1

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Rob Rohlmeier has devoted his life to God and the development of spiritual practices that can bring healing and greater atonement with the Source. As a professional acupuncturist and massage therapist, he has lots of opportunities to explore the effects of our outer and inner energies upon our physical and spiritual bodies. He is grateful to be a part of Questhaven's spiritual community dedicated to Christ. He is looking forward to what we build together spiritually in His name.