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Online Broadcast Channel

Sunday Worship Service

This is the broadcast channel for LIVE events as well as pre-recorded programming.

Sunday Worship Services

Each Sunday, the entire service in the Church of the Holy Quest at Questhaven is presented live. This includes the opening comments, choir, speaker and any special performance of dance or our handbell choir.

Special Workshops and Discussion Groups

Often there are special events during our sacred festivals that include musical presentations, meditations, creative writing, and other similar activities. These will now be broadcast live. Additionally, the online audience will have the opportunity to tune in to any other special presentation or group discussion that is on the monthly calendar.

Retreat Presentation

Weekly Prayer Work

Each week we will pray together, and every month we will share in a prayer dedicated to the world. There will be opportunities to send in prayer requests to add to the purpose and intention of this time.

Featured Lectures and Podcasts

Enjoy a seasonal video lecture by Flower A. Newhouse as well as featured audio podcasts from the archives of The Christward Ministry.

Monthly Questions and Answers

Enjoy a monthly discussion with the Director or another minister where you can ask questions live and receive their thoughts on a variety of spiritual topics.